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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Rumor Mill

Height of Land Publications, the Vermont-based publisher of Backcountry and Telemark Skier magazines, is rumored to have purchased the assets of bankrupt Alpinist at auction, with the sale expected to close this week. The company has not yet responded to a request for comment. An earlier rumor put the final bid at $71,000 and indicated the buyer planned to publish Alpinist as a magazine in some form, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what that means.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


This blog post, I mean.

A blogger should still be a journalist.

Would crap like this pass muster at a real magazine? Like Alpinist?

Doubt it.

Dougald MacDonald said...

I wouldn't have published this if I didn't have reason to believe it was true. But until the buyer confirms the purchase directly, it's still a rumor.