Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Home Harried Home

Chris, my wife, said it best this morning: "I miss the simplicity of Nepal." We were both up before dawn, running around the kitchen, preparing for a typically crazy work day. After a month in Asia, and especially a long trek in the Himalaya, it's difficult to readjust to Western life. In Nepal we woke, put on the clothes we'd worn the day before, walked all day, ate a simple dinner, and went to bed. Day after day. By comparison, our lives at home seem frantic, and we are often frazzled.

How to capture a trip as long and varied as ours in blog posts? Can't do it, I think, at least not yet. I'm not ready. I'll roll out a few stories over the coming weeks. For now, a couple of favorite photos: Thamserku from just above Namche Bazaar (top) and spinning prayer wheels.