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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Messing with Your Head

You know how sometimes you get songs stuck in your head when you're climbing? (Or weeding. Or trying to sleep.) I've suffered through Queen lyrics. Radiohead riffs on endless repeat. Once I couldn't get "Frosty the Snowman" out of my head. But yesterday, eight hours into a 13-hour day in the mountains, I hit a new low: I noticed that names and phrases from The Da Vinci Code were rattling around my skull—I'd been listening to the CD on the way to the trailhead. Now it was:

Sir Leigh Teabing.... Hieros Gamos.... the sacred feminine.... the Priory of Sion...

Oh God, please...make it stop!


Anonymous said...

I know that feeling! and no one has captured it as good as Joe Simpson who was almost dead, stuck with Boney M for hours or days. Personally I have a tendency to get bad, trashy stuff like Britney, or God forbid... Lady Gaga! that has yet to happen but I dread the day.

Anonymous said...

funny: if you had told me that, i would have shared with you that I had some stupid crap song in my head too. but mine develops an echo.
it was occasionally drowned out by the wind noise or my swearing at the long run-outs of unprotected climbing.
a good day all in all.

Anonymous said...

Bette Midler's "From a Distance" on hard and scary ice (for me).


DoM said...

I was leading this couloir in the Southern Alps of NZ as the sun started to come out and halfway up the pitch I found myself singing "You are my sunshine! My only sunshine!" And I couldn't stop. It only got louder the higher I went. My partner was wondering what I was humming until he came up to join me at the belay and could make out the words. Needless to say, he thought I was nuts. But I don't care. I was having a ball up there.

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