Saturday, December 05, 2009

Nordic Skating

The December issue of 5280 has my story about three new "adrenaline" sports to try in Colorado this winter. Of the three, by far the most intriguing to me is Nordic skating, combining the long blades of speed skaters with cross-country ski boots and bindings for long-distance cruising on ice. Although few people in Colorado have even heard of Nordic skating, it's big in New England, where Vermont-based Nordic Skater sells and rents the gear, starting as low as $89 for skates and bindings. (Most cross-country skiers already own the necessary boots.) As a kid in Maine, I skated along winding streams to connect chains of frozen ponds, and when I talked to Jamie Hess, owner of Nordic Skater, I was pleased to hear that people still skate up the Royal River near my hometown. There's nothing quite like speeding over bumpy ice along a twisting creek, each bend bringing a new revelation. I can't wait to try it again.


Chantal said...

Hey. We do this all the time in Sweden. it's a huge sport - everyone from old grannies to young kiddies get into it. In good years we get out into the archipelago on sea-ice. One of the best tours here links 5 lakes in a 100 km circuit, getting you back to your car by nightfall. Enjoy!

Rodger Kram said...

I live in Nederland but bought my self a pair of nordic skates a few years ago while visiting my brother in Vermont.
But, I can't find anyone to skate with on natural ice.

I haven't figured out how to practice self-rescue so I tend to stick to shallow ponds like Mud Lake. (but even that is illegal now that Boulder Open Space controls it).

Gold Lake Resort is closed now, and the signs suggest that I was trespassing today when I skated there.

I will try that RMNP lake that you suggested.