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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top 10 Names for Climbers

10. Eddie Sender
9. Cam Burns
8. Chris Wall
7. Rok Zalokar
6. Dick Stone
5. Felix Berg*
4. Crag Jones
3. Chris Craggs
2. Steve Roper

And the No. 1 climber name: Dave Dangle!

Except for Eddie Sender, which, Alpinist revealed, was a nom de plume for the late Guy Edwards, these are all the names of real climbers. Got more good climber names? Add them to Comments.

* Felix Berg? The name means "fortunate mountain."


Clyde said...

Don't forget my bud, Roch Horton. Formerly worked for Chouinard, now a honcho at Black Diamond, and many-time Hard Rock competitor.

Of course, in the opposite direction, there is Gary Neptune.

Ian Crichton Wallace said...

Pete Tong

Anonymous said...

Carrie Beanie

Anonymous said...

Sir Michael Grade

George said...

What about kids named after famous climbers? I know of several Layton's named for the famous Kor. Even Layton Bridwell!

Unknown said...

Russ Walling

Lynn Hill

Ed Hillary

Anonymous said...

one of my favorites:
Kenton Cool.

why couldn't I have gotten that name? (er, don't answer that...)

Anonymous said...

Sam Crater, Dave Dangles' climbing friend from C Springs.

Anonymous said...

Stoney Richards - in more ways than one..

Mike Libecki - always reminds me of liebacking.

Ben Summit - or any other climber with the last name summit...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget...

Boone Speed.


-Brian in SLC

Anonymous said...

Ina Cloud

Anonymous said...

Nobody posted Dan Osman he was the greatest ever