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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wednesday Morning Time Waster

This is an old video from the TV show "Verstehen Sie Spass," a long-running Swiss version of "Candid Camera." It's in German, but the thread is easy to follow. The producers flew a little snack and magazine kiosk to the upper Hornli Ridge of the Matterhorn and set up shop—they claim it's the first of a planned chain of mountainside kiosks throughout the Alps, like McDonald's. Soon, Reinhold Messner shows up and is flustered to discover that the shop is selling his books. Even if you don't get the jokes, the scenery is great.

1 comment:

Hans Mundahl said...

Oh my god this is so funny! I love your 'time wasters' the last one with the parking garage was awesome too.

The dialog is so funny, it's almost worth translating . . . . I'm wondering if Messner was staged, it almost must have been don't you think?