Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Corliss in Outside

In the February issue of Outside I reported on BASE jumper Jeb Corliss' plan to sky-dive without a parachute and safely land in front of a huge Vegas crowd. Although Corliss is always willing to talk, he didn't want to spill the beans on the exact details of this plan, but I talked to enough wing-suit pilots, friends of Corliss, and stunt experts to piece together a good look at how he'll probably do it. Outside illustrator Kevin Hand did a superb artist's rendering of the scheme; you'll have to buy the magazine to see the full drawing, but you can read the story here. Corliss says he needs $2 million to stage the stunt—sure seems like it would be money well spent for a TV-casino joint venture. It would be an amazing thing to witness.


Anonymous said...

I saw the Outside story and it was a good graphic, and story. Maybe he should spend another $1 million and make the equivalent of a giant high-speed human pinball machine with rubber bumpers!

Anonymous said...
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