Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eiger Tales

My story about hiking around the Eiger during September’s trip to Switzerland headlined the travel section in Sunday’s Denver Post . A nice surprise for me: They ran a nearly full-page version of my photo from our hike to the Bäregg Hut.

It’s always a delight when one of my photos is published, because I don’t consider myself a professional photographer. But even if I never sold a photo, I’d still carry a camera whenever I traveled, and especially when I was working. For a journalist—or any traveler who wants to remember as much as possible—a small digital camera is invaluable. I use it to capture the text on signs and documents, saving me the trouble of taking notes; I refer to my photos when writing to recall details that otherwise might be forgotten; I’ll even shoot a short video so I can see and hear the person whose words are recorded in my notebook. And every now and then, I sell a photo too.


Teddy B said...

Great post once again, and a great article in the Denver Post. I know the area around the Eiger very well as we stay in Wengen every Summer + Winter seasons. I can almost smell the rosti after reading that article.


Ted :-)

Lawrence Van Garrett said...

Very nice story. I am reading a book right now called" Eiger Dreams" by Krakauer so your article is timely. Great photo also. Aren't digital cameras great!