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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As the Snow Globe Turns

Remember how last winter the Alps were starving for snow, World Cup races were canceled, and an Austrian resort took the desperate step of helicoptering snow to the slopes? Well, now the tables of turned. Colorado is dry, and most of the big resorts have delayed their opening dates. I've had to eat crow after writing a story for 5280 magazine's November issue about a "reliable early-season ski tour" in the Indian Peaks. (Did I say ski tour? I meant mountain biking tour...) Meanwhile, up to two meters of snow has fallen in Austria, Switzerland, and Bavaria this month. Sigh. Well, at least the forecast is calling for a bit of snow here starting tonight.


Teddy B said...

Hey Ho Dougald, never mind ! I've eaten more crow than I care to remember when it comes to second guessing winter weather here in the UK. The only reliable winter climbing area for the last five years has been in the Highlands of Scotland. Not great for those of us in Wales or England.

PS - how would you feel about 'guest blogging' on my Blog ? I'm sure visitors would love to here about some of the stuff that you do.


Anonymous said...

I love European Winter. Snowbording, nice weather, lot's of snow etc.

P.S. You have nice blog!

Lawrence Van Garrett said...

Dougald, really enjoy the blog. We are twiddling our thumbs here in UpState NY awaiting the snow also. It has got to get better sooner than latter.