Thursday, February 15, 2007

Now We're Talking!

Big-wall climbers: Your days of exhausting jumaring up fixed lines are over! The Atlas Rope Ascender will lift a 250-pound load more than 600 feet on a single battery charge, at up to 10 feet per second. Why climb when you can ride? Rig this puppy at an anchor and hauling will be as simple as flipping the on switch. Just be ready to kill the motor when the bag snags on a roof, or you'll be spraying the talus with cans of Olde English 800.


Anonymous said...

Looks kinda like vaporware on their site.

Since nonexistent products can do really cool things it should do this too: charge the battery when used as a rappel device. Ey?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if such devices are prohibited on El Cap by the Wilderness Act, same as power drills?

It is cheating, anyway, and any such ascents need to be tagged "* Atlas Ascent" or "* Battery hoist assisted". As opposed to a "pure aid ascent"!