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Monday, November 20, 2006

Where Do I Clip In?

These photos have been bouncing around the internet in recent days without being identified: This is the Changkong zhandao "plank path" on Huangshan peak, a Unesco World Heritage site in east-central China. The plank path is a sort of via ferrata across the near-vertical granite slabs of the south peak. Not too worried about litigation here, are we?


Anonymous said...

Holy bleep! This makes the Angel's Landing trail in Zion look like a sidewalk. With such advanced engineering you could turn the Nose of El Cap into a via Feratta. Glad they don't turn vertical cliffs into trails in the US.

Anonymous said...

Truly amazing. Someone asked if I'd do it? "Hell yeah!".

Anonymous said...

This mountain is Huashan. (Huangshan is elsewhere in China.) It's not part of a regular trail, but is a short 'scenic overlook/do it if you dare' option off of an old trail. Someone monitors this stretch all day long, gives you instructions, requires you to take off your pack, and for a fee you can rent a harness or have your picture taken.