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Friday, September 22, 2006

Ski the 14ers...Part II

It's supposed to snow up to 16 inches in the Colorado mountains today, which should be good news to Chris Davenport, who still hopes to complete his quest to ski all 54 of the Colorado 14ers this year. Davenport's original goal was to ski them all from January through June (one ski season), but an exceptionally dry spring shut him down on May 31 at No. 45. (Only one person, Lou Dawson, has skied all the 14ers from their very summit, and it took him about a dozen years to do it.) Reached by email in Europe, where he's leading bike trips, Davenport said he's "totally fired up to get back into the Colorado mountains to finish up my project. I've sold my soul to Mother Nature in hopes that she'll be kind to me in November and December and I can bang out the nine remaining peaks I have left on my list. Skiing these peaks in the early winter, from the summit, will be very difficult, but I have hope."

Meanwhile, the "Ski the 14ers" film will be out on DVD in October. It's sort of weird to have the film completed before the project, but whatever: The footage looks great, and it's cool to see all these familiar mountains in such a dramatic new light. You can watch the trailer here.

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Anonymous said...

All the best on your remaining peaks! I'll look for the upcoming new posts! Great adventures!
"Summit Stone & Adventure Musings By DSD"