Monday, April 10, 2006

Davenport's 14er Count Hits 20

With all the gruesome news in skiing last week (Doug Coombs and Chad VanderHam's deaths; the horrible accident at Mammoth that claimed three ski patrollers), it's nice to celebrate a little fun in skiing: Chris Davenport skied his 20th Colorado 14'er this weekend, Mt. Lindsey, putting him more than one-third of the way through his quest to ski all 54 of the 14ers in a single ski season. He ain't likely to succeed, and Davenport knows it: There's just not enough snow in parts of the state to allow successful ski descents from the very summit of each peak. But he keeps plugging away, heading out to a different range two or three times a week in all conditions. Davenport's online reports and photos at make great reading—above all, he just seems to be having fun out there, despite some truly grueling days. Must be nice to be fully sponsored and be able to make your living this way!

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