Thursday, March 23, 2006

Skiing 52 Weeks Straight

You wouldn't know it this week, with snow every day in town and much more in the mountains, but spring (real spring—not the calendar version) is on the way. So now, with spring skiing in mind, a tip of the hat to Boulder's Andy Moore, who last year managed to ski 52 weeks in a row, ending in September—a streak that seems even more impressive (or nuts) than Mike Scherer's 246-month-in-a-row streak (as of this month). Andy posted a wonderful trip report, jammed with photos, on, from which I borrowed his photo of skiing the north side of 14,267-foot Torreys Peak in late June. Reading through Andy's report is like flipping the pages of a perverse Colorado calendar, where the skiing gets worse and worse as the year goes on, yet is strangely inspirational at the same time. Definitely gets me jonesing for a litle spring action!

Speaking of inspiration, Chris Davenport's bid to ski the Colorado fourteeners in a single snow season has stalled at 10 peaks (out of 54), but big March dumps in the southern Colorado mountains may breathe new life into the project. I hope he keeps going, even if there's little hope of skiing every peak from its summit before the snow all disappears. His trip reports and photos make superb reading.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray Andy!

I have skiied for 40 straight years. Does that count for anything?