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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wearable Electronics

Last month I wrote about Anurag Sehgal's proposed "Modular Wearable System of Mountaineering Devices." But now I see that O'Neill Europe has already announced a solar-powered backpack for skiers and boarders, with slots to integrate an iPod, Bluetooth module and mobile phone; the two plastic solar panels on the back will recharge all the gear. With a mike built into the shoulder strap, headset jack on the chest, and Bluetooth for voice-activated, hands-free calling, you can call Mom and shout "Guess where I am?" just as you jump into Corbett's Couloir. O'Neill's second-generation h2 Comm/Ent Jacket incorporates the same devices, with a flexible control panel sewn into the left sleeve. Gol-dang, Martha, what will they think of next?


Jill Homer said...

What will they come up with next?

Anonymous said...

Well.. its interesting... as during my research i had also seen products like SCOTTVEST.. that allows you to do what this bag does. Actually if you read my thesis paper you will see that the ETST system i proposed was after researching similar products to this however you will see that there is a very fine line between wearable and portable systems. without advocating for ETST i would just say that both are moving on very different lines of development... personally i prefer systems like ETST with modular processors.. separated interfaces however it can also have version like this bag still allowing the user to access all the functions of the respective devices by splitting the interfaces.. ..
read the thesis there is more..:)