Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Packing for Pakistan

I spent Monday morning at the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, Colorado, where a small crew of American Alpine Club staff and volunteers were starting a two-day push to ship mountains of winter gear and clothing to earthquake victims in Pakistan. The gear was donated by AAC members and a number of outdoor companies; it lined the walls of the center's two large lobbies and a long corridor five to ten feet deep; I think it would have filled my house. Midway through the morning, a UPS truck pulled up and unloaded two dozen more boxes. We just added them to the pile and kept sorting and packing. Six TONS of gear will be shipped to Pakistan today, courtesy of DHL and Pakistan International Airlines. Although there was the usual junk (a pair of flip-flops, a climbing tank top), the majority was at least winter-worthy and quite a lot was expedtiion quality and nearly new. (Bags of clothing unsuitable for winter conditions were donated to Goodwill in the Denver area.) It was a great way to start Thanksgiving week.

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jonschull said...

Thanks for your work! We're trying to replicate this nationally. Can you help us spread the word and find drop off locations around the world?

More valuable than money right now, winter tents, sleeping bags and blankets can save earthquake lives this week.

Please help us organize and collect. Your gear could save a life next week.

Please visit to learn more about this national grassroots Thanksgiving week initative and help us seize the moment.